Dominque Margolis

My name is Dominique. I was born in France about twenty years after the end of the Second World War. For me, however, the war was just starting. 

My parents’ families were on opposite sides of the political spectrum. One side had joined the French Résistance while the other side was rumored to have collaborated with the Nazis. Long story short, my parents should never have gotten married, and I should never have been born, but I was. My parents separated during the first few months of my life, but they never resolved their contempt for each other. They projected it instead onto me to the point that, at the age of sixteen, my body naturally shut down and I experienced what would become my first near-death experience.

That near-death experience at sixteen was the seed that propelled me to seek foreign lands and foreign peoples for solace and survival, first in Spain and then in the USA.

I started writing at twenty to learn how to express myself in English, which had become the language of my exile. At first, I wrote to translate from French to English and to memorize my translations. Soon, however, English became the invisible friend I confided in every day. Now, after more than thirty years as an American immigrant, I write with the hope that some of what I express can provide solace and inspiration for those who sense that our true lot in life is not darkness and destruction.

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