Dominique Margolis was born and raised in the rural Auvergne region of France. At the age of sixteen, she had a near-death experience that changed the course of her life. She moved to the USA, became the first non-native speaker to graduate with a Ph.D. in English from the University of Denver, and even worked as an English professor for a while. She is happiest in nature and amongst people who love and respect the earth and all the beings who cannot speak for themselves.

Recently published work is listed below:

Looking for Mr. Goodbar Version 2022, published by Flash Fiction Friday and A Story in 100 Words. Read here or here.

Snapshots of Deception with Sunset, a flash fiction story published in the anthology, Revenge, by Akshay Sonthalia. Read here

Luz and Corazón, a poetic short story published by Pensive: A Global Journal of Spirituality & the Arts. Read here.

Revenge Savings, a short memoir published by Tangled Locks Journal. Read here.

Unforgettable, published by Prometheus Dreaming. Read here.

Still at War: a 100 word story published by Friday Flash Fiction Read here.

Yvonne’s Parakeets, micro-fiction published by The Centifictionist on May 10, 2021. Read here.

Author Microinterview: by The Centifictionist: Read here.

The Throwaway Rocktrumpet, published by The Dillydoun Review. Read here.

The Chicken or the Egg, published by The Nasiona. Read here.

The Girl Named Fred: a 100 word story published by Friday Flash Fiction Read here.